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a screaming man punched 3 by Joseph Sullivan

a screaming man punched 3

While Kansas City, MO does not have a reputation for safety, it is easy to enjoy an evening walk in my old neighborhood with my ex-best friend. She is used to me lugging my camera around but she still hates every picture I have ever taken of her. Kansas City 
is an old stockyard town; the trains of the Bible Belt would gather here with their loads of cattle before making the trip north to the Chicago slaughterhouses. I left KC due the heat and poisonous insects but tonight it was lovely. The city had ripped up the old rail lines and left walking paths running behind wooden houses and through litter strewn parks.
Weeds and ignored grass have a way of taking over this town and there are always feral cats watching from the bushes. My old pal kept asking when I was going to move back.
We watched all the smoke and lights in the night’s sky and agreed it was a good night.
The next morning, a screaming man punched out the car window.