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Great News! For the last few months I have been working for a great little art consultation group in Minneapolis. "An Art job? Can it be true, Joe?" That is correct. I am gaining a lot of experience and brushing up on old skills while installing and fitting art works of all kinds. I am very fond of my coworkers and am learning from each of them. So I have been very busy getting adjusted to my new life.

I have been working on "You are my constant." I think it is close enough to being done that I can post it on the site. This might be half of a larger piece but for now I like how it looks by itself.

We just had the reception for the Silverwood Gallery's Juried Show, "On the Periphery." There was a great collection of photography and thankfully more than a few good paintings. Christopher Atkins  juried, Eileens Cohen curated and together they put a lovely event together. I have a piece from "I'm Still Collecting Data" in the show. Go check it out and then go for a walk in the park with your phone. There a several poems that you can access while on the trail in addition to sculptures. Well worth the visit.

Some of Ben Lansky's students and I introduced the painter Bonnie Ploger to H.P. Lovecraft.

There are pictures of human beings on the website!? What is the world coming to. Things are bound to move around so take a peek and let me know what you think.

Well the Past Works gallery is looking finished. The Info needs some more proof reading but let us give it a whirl!

It is close to Midnight on Walpurgisnacht! I have been reading The Shadow Over Innsmouth and eating chocolate cake with dark beer for this special evening. I won't tell you about the other deversions keeping me from formatting my "Past Work" Gallery and completeling this site. Those things can wait till tomorrow!

Welcome to the newest website for my photographic works. There are still some little bugs and humiliations hidden on these pages.  Over the next few days I hope to make things a bit more hospitable for you. The Past Gallery has some formating flaws. Be sure to use the "FULL SCREEN" option as I am very excited to offer it. I would like to say this page will be perfect by May Day. Please enjoy and feel free to send me your thoughts and reactions with the Contact option.