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In case any of you missed this, check out Dallas' post about my website. Thanks for taking an interest, Dallas!

Check out Zowie's flattering photos of me at Art Force.

Closer to being done.

Everyone is posting pics of their studio space or having someone write an article about their studio space. Everyone but me that is....until now. My last two work spaces have been green. This space I am painting in has fewer grifters coming in and out looking for a place to sleep. I suppose that means I am moving up in the world. Check out the progress on my painting for J_ and G_!

My good friends J_ and G_ are moving away to Green Bay. G_ will be starting up a comic book store. Great, yet, sad news. I have started a painting in their honor. I hope it turns out well.

I have been living without a phone for a month. While I do not feel any smarter or more focused, it has been very pleasant. A smart phone proved to be a constant distraction for me and more than a little addictive. I just got a new Dumb Phone but it does not work. Oh well.


There are some people I want to call after a month of not hearing their voices. The girls here would be great to listen to...

One more pic of my demon cat before I get back to work.

Angel? Demon? Both wrapped into one! My kitten Scout is adorable but she is making my life impossible. Even now, she is trying to "correct" my typing. What to do? Oh, yeah, she is also in heat this week. Great.