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Check out this wonderful profile of your's truely. Keep up the good work, Z_!

Lots of new pics in Present Work! Thanks to J_ and A_ for providing the opportunities. Here is one I am fond of.

Another new painting! Wish me luck.


Annie was nice enough to give me a beer and let me chill out at the Casket Building. There was a lot of nice work, Turns out, Annie is quite prolific! Congrats on a great show. Our friend Mathew wisely purchased one of her paintings.

Come to Northeast this weekend and check out Spark Letter Press. They are hosting a little exhibition this weekend that features your's truely, Mr. Keith Larson, and "the rest."

Spark Letter Press is at 1300 Quincy Street NE, MPLS. 


After that you should head down to the Casket Arts Building and find Studio #213. There you will find the amazing Ms. Hejny and all of her wonderful paintings.

That is at 681 17th Ave NE, MPLS.


Maybe then, head to Brickmania! They make custom War Lego's! I am looking for a Panzer Tiger Tank Lego for Kirk and Alexander.


See you this weekend!

Getting there. The hair has come along since this pic. There are plenty of tiny details to touch up but those only take a few minutes each in the dirty dishes don't distract me. I am thinking about putting it in a float frame but I haven't decided between black or brown.

Recently, I had the honor of making the photo backdrops for the illustrious FAB Awards. Thank you for the great opportunity Art Force. I hope everyone had a great time.