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Opening on Thursday for No Escape. I am excited! Here is the post card with the details.

Mr. Renner was the Super Star of our class in the old KC days. Take a look at his website and you will see why. Keep up the great work, Patrick!



I have been commisioned to paint Thanos! You know Thanos, he is Marvel's version of Darkseed.

Should be fun...but how do you draw this guy?! He is huge!



Wampa is coming right along. Check out the progress.

Scout is the model for all my monstes.

I have been wanted to create an Artist Links option on this site since its inception. Now it is here! Enjoy the works of your peers! There are ten artists to start with but I hope to have an overwhelming list before long. Start doing your homework and find some art you like.

Check out the new pics in Self Portrait! Let me know what you think. Thanks B_ and D_, always a pleasure.