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an older painting that is still hanging around...


I never posted a full pic of the finished Wampa. There is a bit of distortion but I don't think anyone will notice. 

Playing with Gifs in Photoshop. Needs a little work, like that Paul Treedum painting. 


Collective Remix

DECEMBER 11, 2015 - JANUARY 16, 2016

Check out the final show at Franklin Art Center. I couldn't make it to the opening but look forward to checking out everyone's work. Happy to be part of the fun. "I'm Still Collecting Data" is still popular after all this time. Hard to believe that rolling in the Kansas City mudd at 4am would continue to pay off.

"Could you stop taking pictures. You are really distracting." 

Staying busy this Fall. Now that most of the paintings are done (Thanos is still in progress), I can work on a few new pictures. You have got to love the instant gratification. Here are two I might but in Self Portrait. 

Go read the great interview with Amanda Sibrel, one of my big art/life inspirations. I am fortunate enough to own some of her work from the old days but there is so many of her works on my wish list.




Here is one of her works on display at my place.

Check out Jabba's progression. If you want to see all of his worshipfullnes, then head down to the Angry Catfish in MPLS. He will be there until the beginning of November. Thanks to the Monday Night Pathfinders for their feedback and to "The Toni" for driving the big guy all over the Midwest.