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Why am I only now hearing about Hilma af Klint?

I want one.....

I know you have been busy reading about politics and wathcing plenty of Netflix, but you should know that  Boomy McBoomface is here to save your planet!


First trial run of the ocean cleaning techology is a success! Now lets fund it!

Scout and I took some time to rearrange Give the new format a try and let me know what you think. Lots of new work in the making, but not too much to post today. A little more time and there should be plenty to see. 


Figuring things out. It can take time

Delays Delays! Working on the Paul Treedom painting for D_ and B_. Thanks for waiting! I is starting to take shape.

Delays Delays in the Bowie painting for my patron J_. Please forgive. Finally all moved and ready to start the practice up again.

Almost done with my space painting....Just one MAJOR thing to add and its off to WI. Very fun so far. Just taking FOREVER!!!